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Hosterra makes its water and energy consumption public

Have you ever wondered why almost all web hosts don't give any figures on their water and electricity consumption? Technical ability to measure? Non-standard or non-existent KPIs? No, of course not. The answer is rather to look for sincerity and transparency: green-washing is a simple commercial approach to practice while showing readable and comparable figures is to show that one is not that good...

At Hosterra, we believe that we can all act - through our choices and actions - to consume web hosting services more responsibly. And that this requires transparency. That's why we have decided to provide you with all the figures that will allow you to form a conviction on the environmental quality of our services.

We have just put in place indicators in near real time of what the data centers we use consume!

The first data center to be monitored is Saint-Ouen l'Aumône!

And the next step in this process is to do the same thing with our web hosting offers, so you can compare the exact consumption of our VPS and bare-metal servers. So, if you haven't switched to Hosterra yet, we encourage you to ask your current hosting providers for these figures ;)

Grand opening!

After several months of testing, we are pleased - and proud - to announce that the Hosterra platform is officially open to all!

We would like to thank all our customers who accepted to participate to this testing phase as well as all those who, closely or far away, brought their contribution, their opinions, their support and their expertise.

Hosterra is a brand new platform. So, it is not impossible that some things remain to be refined. Do not hesitate to tell us what we could improve…

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